Software Engineering for Media & Entertainment

With more than 25 years of proven experience in the field, we help you develop the next generation of your products.

We're proud of our code

We specialize in developing state-of-the art software, especially related to Media over IP networks.

We build complete products. We develop SDKs and libraries that you can integrate into your products or provide to your customers.

We live and breathe C++, Rust, TypeScript and JavaScript. Both on the backend and on the GUI. We love both Intel™ and ARM™ platforms, bare metal and Docker™ containers, on-prem or in the Cloud. We have a soft spot for Linux, but you choose.

We bring in a solid skillset, software engineering processes and full vertical design and development, from the definition of the operating system, to the graphical user interface.

We know our stuff

We merge together know-how and experience in using technologies that provide high-performance IP-based transport of media streams, namely using SMPTE ST2110, RIST, SRT and WebRTC, with a strong knowledge on everything related to media processing.

We understand networks and know how to use them effectively.

We know codecs. A lot of them. Whatever you need.

We do orchestration and control of media devices, and know one thing or two about how to properly use and implement the AMWA NMOS specifications.

We like fast software

We like to play with GPUs, not only for processing of video and audio streams but also for different purposes.

We have a lot of experience with accelerated network cards. We like to bypass the kernel and move data around quickly.

And we get along quite well with several nice gadgets. Matrox® DSX LE5™, NVIDIA® Jetson™, ConnectX™, BlueField-2™ are some of them.

We learn, we contribute, we teach

BISECT is actively represented in SMPTE, helping develop the new specifications that drive interoperability in our industry. We like to be up to date with the latest trends and we also try to contribute back to the industry.

We also deliver trainings. A lot of them. We have helped train more than 1000 people in subjects ranging from file formats to the transition to Live IP, most of them via our great partnership with the EBU Academy, where Pedro Ferreira is a faculty member.

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